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Online Backup Service

Answers’ online backup service provides its clients with an offsite copy of critical data.  Many clients often backup their data to tape/disk and leave the media stacked in a closet.  That is a great way to protect against computer crashes, but does not guard against theft, vandalism, fire, water damage, etc.  Combining an in-house backup system with Answers’ online backup service, clients can drastically reduce the potential for data loss.

How we do it:

Answers uses Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology to pull data from its clients’ sites to its data warehouse over the Internet.  A VPN “tunnel” is created between Answers’ data warehouse and the client’s office via two VPN-firewall endpoints.  Answers uses 256-bit encryption to ensure maximum security when transferring data.  The client specifies the data to be backed up and Answers takes care of the rest.  The backup process is fully automated and requires no user intervention.  Data can be downloaded and restored at any time of day. 



The client must have a broadband Internet connection of some kind.  Broadband consists of cable, xDSL, ISDN, and T1-T3.


One VPN-firewall endpoint, installed and configured by Answers, Inc.

Data Warehouse: 

Answers’ data warehouse is equipped with a smoke-detection system and is protected by a security system which is monitored 24/7.  Answers believes in and practices data redundancy.  All data is stored on a RAID system, which protects against hardware failure and file corruption by storing the data to multiple hard drives simultaneously. 


bullet$300 setup fee – includes VPN-firewall
bullet$75 per month for under 1gig of data
bullet$100 per month for         1 – 5 gigs of data
bullet$125 per month for         5 – 10 gigs of data
bullet$150 per month for       10 – 15 gigs of data
bullet$200 per month for       15 – 20 gigs of data
bullet$250 per month for       20 – 25 gigs of data


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